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Interleague Play
District 4 leagues enjoy a full season of Interleague Play with other leagues in the district.   In order for all Interleague Games in the district to go smoothly, each league president has agreed to abide by a common set of ground rules.
All teams must complete a Team Affidavit and Pitching Log Baseball or Team Affidavit and Pitching Log Softball.   This form MUST be carried to EVERY game, in-house or away, and presented to the opposing manager prior to the game.   The pitching log must be signed by the Offical Scorekeeper (home team) or an umpire prior to leaving the field.
All teams must abide by the District 4 Protocol agreed upon by the League Presidents at the November Interleague meeting.   It is important that the Home Team Manager call the opposing manager 2-3 days prior to the scheduled game to verify time/place.
All members of the coaching staff, as well as parents, and scorekeepers must work to avoid Protests.   Intervene before a situation becomes a protestable item.   PROTESTS ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY A FORFEIT!    In the event a protest is necessary, follow the proper procedure:   inform the umpires prior to the next play or pitch that the game is being played under protest; continue the game; complete the official Protest Form to your league president within 24 hours of the game; President will forward the protest to the District Staff.   Be sure to complete the entire form - incomplete forms will not be accepted.
Carry the proper set of Interleague Play Rules with you for reference.   These are the options that have been agreed upon by all League Presidents.
You may review the PowerPoint Presentation that describes the Interleague procedures agreed upon by the D4 presidents and player agents..
Report all accidents or injuries to your league Safety Officer.  Complete the Accident Claim Form within 20 days of the accident.   For help in filling out the form, read the Accident Claim Form Instructions.   
To make the season enjoyable for everyone, apply the concepts of Honoring the Game every time your team has an activity together.  Encourage parents to cheer for both teams when good plays are made and to talk to their children about respect for others as well as for themselves.

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