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To learn how to promote a positive attitude in your league, visit the Positive Coaching Alliance website .   PCA has one of the best programs for teaching respect for the game - and - they have a free newsletter that you can sign up for.  Little League Baseball started a partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance in 2006.

Kidpower focuses on personal safety:  Preventing bullying, violence and abuse.   Information is separated into:  children, teens, adults.  
Mom's Team gives advice on Nutrtion, Health & Safety, Parenting and Sports.
If you are looking for good research and advice on kids and athletics, go to Youth Sports Parents.com and sign up for their free newsletter.

If you enjoy reading what some of the pro's have to say about baseball, order the book "Steppping Up to the Plate" by David Kloser.  Coach Kloser interviews 140 Major League Baseball players to find out how baseball has affected their lives both on and off the field.  Coach Kloser's book is written so that younger players can read it, find inspiration from the "pro's" and then apply what they have learned to find success in their own lives.  Order a copy of the book for your baseball fanatic and sign up for his free monthly newletter.

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