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In 2004, 3 leagues in Georgia District 4 were the first leagues internationally in Little League to be approved to operate a program for 4 year olds.  Much of that approval stemmed from the concept we had:  provide a fun environment for the 4 year olds, teach them a few fundamental skills, and train Moms and Dads to be future managers and coaches.

We accomplished those goals for leagues across the United States and internationally - 4 year olds are now approved to play Little League Baseball and Softball in all chartered Little Leagues.

The Pre-Tee Ball Guide was developed by League President, Jerry Perez, and is the basis for a successful 4 year old program.   By following the weekly drills, the players will have fun and learn.  The Big Al Baseball 5-8 Coaching Manual is an updated version of the original manual used to create the drills and fundamentals referred to in our guide.

As you operate your Pre-Tee Ball programs, please never lose sight of the goal - FUN for everyone.   Make sure you have plenty of high-fives, hugs, and end-of-practice treats for the players!  
Little League International introduced their Tee Ball program for 4 - 6 year olds in 2013.   The same principles apply:  Fundamentals, Fitness, Fun.   Take advantage of the great tools and resources for this 10-week program by visiting the Little League Coaches Resource Center.   Once into the Resource Center, click on the Tee Ball/Minor tab at the top.  Multiple tabs are available to take you through the entire 10-weeks of fundamental training.  Each tab has sub-tabs with videos, pdf files for download and much, much more.  

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